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The manufactured housing industry would like you to think their industry has been cleaned up and respectable now. You be the judge of this claim. From my own personal experiences I don't think so.

Here is a summary of my experiences with Oak Creek Homes:
Current News
This is what started happening to the tile in the whole house after a couple of years. Note the pitiful workmanship in applying the tiles. Some places a big blob of  hot glue or silicon seal to apply the tiles. Other places note the very thin line which barely held. The white tile glue in the photo was from previous single tile patch repair I did before the rest of them fell off.

Kitchen Tiles falling off

Now it's time for plumbling failures. The cheap Moen faucets used by Oakcreek are going South. Don't bother trying to repair them. It's almost impossible to get the correct insides to the faucets and it will cost you almost as much to get the parts and tools as buying a new faucet. My plumber told me I had the worst faucets available inside the house. Since I was doing the work myself he didn't have anything to gain by this statement. Also if you're replacing the shower or tub faucets be prepared to actually cut a hole in the wall in order to get to the faucet. There is no manufacturing provision to get to the faucet so the only way is to remove part of the wall to get to it.
I have had more failures with heating, air conditioning, plumbing and general home repair problems in the three years I have had an Oakcreek home than in the previous 40 years of marriage elsewhere.
Oakcreek claims 7 yr warranty, but if you call them it's "not their problem." You have to contact the appliance manufacturer. If you check the Nordyne air conditioner site they clearly state only 1 yr warranty...not 7.
After numerous air conditioner failures due to improper installation I am forced to buy a new heater air conditioner system from someone local who is reliable and can install it properly with a warranty. This little adventure by itself is almost $10,000. The alternative is to keep spending $1000-$2000 per year on repairs and waiting several days for service. This can be a real problem with summers over 110 degrees and winters around zero for a low.

Summary Experiences with Oakcreek Home
Signed Purchase Worksheet and $500 deposit for an agreed on price.    7/18/

Received message on answering machine from the Oak Creek Manager "Not to be alarmed when we received the paperwork but the overall price was a little more"    7/25/

Upon receiving the contract, it was approximately $3000 higher than the original agreed price. Email to the Oak Creek Manager stating the the contract was signed for a set price and that his sales tactics were fraudulent and misleading.      7/25/

Received phone call from the Oak Creek Manager that the price from Foundation Works was not set and that it was just a bid.  Our daughter told him that it was a deal when the purchase worksheet sheet was signed and they took the $500 down payment.    7/25/

Our son-in-law called and worked with the Oak Creek Manager and the Oak Creek Manager finally settled to do the job for the original agreed price.    7/25/

Home was delivered    8/26/

CMH left the ends open exposed to the elements; Our son-in-law finally had to cover the ends to keep rain from ruining home (9/13/08 with the impending rains coming)    8/27/

Pipe in the house with no instructions to buyer of whose responsibility to tie the house together with the sewer pipe.  Paperwork finally received from retailer shows specs stating SITE INSTALLED but no one ever installed the sewer pipe. Carpet Tack Board and Foam padding were left on floor when supposed to be removed prior to delivery since laminate flooring was to be installed after delivery.  The Oak Creek Manager told floor installers that is was a clean floor ready to lay the flooring.    8/25/

Email from Oakcreek that floor installers would be here on the 3rd     8/28/

Foundation Works foundation installed improperly: jagged edges, no grade work, no steel support columns installed (36 recommended), only 6 support columns (12 recommended), cracks in concrete,  unauthorized use of equipment (took backhoe belonging to local construction company), broke back water faucet (left orange paint on it).  Contractors went across the street to a Construction yard in a building and defecated on the dirt floor and left it there with toilet paper.  Found these remains after the crew left. Crew also removed the steel braces for the sides which were supposed to be installed even though we paid for them. One was found left in the yard.    8/29/

Received email from Oakcreek : "To do her phone audit.  All that is required is the home be setup and tied down.  If she doesn't do audit today, we can not count the sale for the month; and it is important to us that we do. Oak Creek would not send keys or homeowner's guide until the phone audit was completed.    8/29/

Called CU Factory and asked if I had to do the audit because I was not satisfied with what was going on with the foundation. They stated that all that had to be done was that it was tied down but that she couldn't make us do it yet.  The following week would be okay.  I expressed that we were having issues and problems with Oak Creek and Foundation Works    8/29/

Email to Oakcreek asking about floor installer    9/2/

Email back from Oakcreek stating flooring was being done from mfg. and was experienced.     9/3/

Email sent to Oakcreek (Oak Creek Retailer) stating problems with Foundation Works. Stated: "This type of thing is the reason we refused to do the phone audit until things were completed." Faxed the spec sheet to Oakcreek regarding the dirt work.  Oakcreek never responded to email after this.    9/4/

Received call from CU Factory for the Phone Audit.  We were told that we had to complete the audit today or the interest rate would go up on Monday from 6.5 to 7.2% because it was only good for so many days and it expired today.  With great hesitation, we completed the interview and now owned a piece of property that we could not live in and were not satisfied with.  We were told the CU would do an inspection within 30 days to make sure their collateral was set properly.      9/5/

Contacted retailer by phone and email that we were not satisfied with the foundation and it was set improperly.  The Oak Creek Manager forwarded email to Foundation Works, The woman with Foundation Works called our daughter and said this is what you get and nothing more.  Our guys went above what they had to do.  They did you a favor how they installed the foundation. The Oak Creek Manager with Oak Creek said this was between us and Foundation Works even though we bought it through Oakcreek at their recommendation. I informed him that we were NOT satisfied with the foundation and we would be contacting a lawyer regarding the matter.    9/8/

Trim Out Packet signed with items still lacking: globes, foundation inadequacies, hardwood chips, crossover line not installed    9/13/

The Oakcreek setup man started doing close up on Thursday.  Doors worked when he got there.  House settled and doors had to be readjusted. The Oakcreek setup man left on Saturday, all doors worked and cracks were fixed. The Oakcreek setup man went underneath the home to look at foundation.  House is off by 1" off in center so it is unlevel and causing everything to re-crack.  There are only 6 primary support columns under the home when 12 are recommended for a double-wide manufactured home. There are no steel support stands installed where specs recommend 36.   Also, the vents were cut too low to allow for backfill.     9/14/

Sunday morning new cracks had developed and doors didn't work again.  House is settling since it was improperly set and no foundation exists to support it.    9/14/

Flooring Contractor, hired by the Oak Creek Manager (retailer) showed up and had no idea how to lay laminate flooring.  She stated earlier she had applied for a job as a salesperson but the Oak Creek Manager told her she wasn't pushy enough, she could install floors instead. It  took 2 days to get started and our son-in-law had to show them how to get started and to teach them how to install it and provide the proper tools. They are doing okay job after using our guidance and tools but failed to cover anything up and saw dust fills the house.    9/12/
Emailed the Oak Creek Manager about the items remaining undone.    9/13/08 - no response

. I called about Air Conditioner and Steps, the Oak Creek Manager said the contractors have been contacted and should be in contact with us this week. Gave us the phone number and told us to call the air conditioner contractor.    9/15/

Porch contractors showed up.  Built only one porch as that was the request sent by Oakcreek.  Contract was for two 4x4 porches.  Signed off on form for good work on first but one porch lacking. Contractor will contact Oakcreek and notify me if he is paid to do the other.  He will be back Friday if so.    9/16/

Crawled under the house to look at foundation system and noticed ground was wet and the house was dripping water.  The insulation and moisture barrier is full of water.  The crossover water line tying the two pieces together was not tightened at set up.     9/17/

Called retailer (the Oak Creek Manager) twice and he would not return call to report problem.    9/17/

Called Factory but no answer.     9/17/

Called the Oakcreek setup man's cell phone and he told our son-in-law to go under and trace the water line and see if it was leaking where the two sides connect.  The pipes were only hand tight and leaking and flooding the remainder of the home. Turned water off an main valve waiting to hear from someone. The Oakcreek setup man said he would be back to fix the new cracks next week.    9/17/
Salesman said he would have the Oak Creek Manager call first thing in the morning, still no call back.    9/17/

Still no call back from retailer/the Oak Creek Manager    9/18/
Contractors used toilets after being told the sewer was not hooked up. Soiled toilets and caused them to stink.    
Never received copy of full contract signed by all parties. Only received Final Sales Order from Oakcreek by email.    9/17/

Counted cracks from settlement from lack of foundation and water accumulation in the insulation.  There were 21 cracks today.    9/18/

Dirt covers all appliances, cracks, closets, cabinets since floor installers didn't cover anything while cutting the floor inside the house.     9/18/

Floor installers completed work with itemized list of what they completed. She (installer) stated factory was responsible for filling the nail holes, caulking and doing touch up work so documented it on "Certification of Completion" before signing off. She called after she returned home and said the Oak Creek Manager stated that we were unreasonable and hard to get a long with.    9/18/

Contractor brought other back porch    9/21/

Ran into the Oakcreek setup man from the factory (manufacturer) at a local restaurant and he said he would be by after he got through where he was to finish the cracks and the end of the house. - did not show    
Email to the Oak Creek Manager regarding air conditioner, ends not being finished and telling him still hadn't heard back on leak.  Informed him that we still weren't able to move it because of these issues. Rec'd email back from the Oak Creek Manager stating we could call the contractor and saying he placed call to factory about the ends. Wanted to know who turned the water on? The Oakcreek setup man from factory had supposedly checked everything and said it was ready to move in.     9/23/

Called the bank to see when inspection was going to be conducted on the property and told her that we were not satisfied with the foundation and that it walls were  cracking.  The lady a CU Factory lending said she would document it.    9/24/

Received A/C today.  They had to borrow concrete drill from our son-in-law to install.    9/26/

Sent complaint form to Texas Dept of Housing    9/29/

Called the Oakcreek setup man and he said would be there Sunday - did not show    10/3/

Called the Oakcreek setup man and he said he would be here on Thursday     10/14/

Email sent to CustomerCare and  the Oak Creek Manager stating Foundation still unacceptable, need cracks filled, nail wholes and based boards not painted, no light fixtures, outside pieces not finished.     10/14/

Received call from State scheduling inspection from state for 10/22/08    10/14/

Received email back from the lady who is the compliance officer with Oak Creek stating the repairs appeared to be cosmetic in nature.  She asked if we had notified service dept and when utilities were connected. There was never a response received from the Oak Creek Manager (retailer)    10/14/

Sent email to Jason (lawyer) to ask how to respond    10/14/

The Oakcreek setup man came back to fix cracks.  He told our son-in-law that the only reason they routed him to fix our problems was because of the state inspection otherwise they probably still wouldn't be here.     10/16/

Fixed all the cracks.  Still did not fill in wholes on trim. Globes still not delivered.  Still dirty.    10/17/

The State inspector, an engineer hired by Oakcreek and a manufacturer rep were at the State Inspection.  No one from the retailer showed.  It was recommended that my wife NOT move in at this time since the foundation had to be fixed and there would be a mess re-texturing. Told they would have a report next week.    10/22/

Inspector for CU Factory (creditor) came by and only checked to see where the property was located and that the appliances were in the house. Did not seem to care that it was not moved into yet.  Made a note on his report that was unable to move in due to foundation.  Heard nothing back from the bank.    11/3/

Received inspection report finding the retailer responsible for fixing 1. High Floor Joist - not done (manufacturer); 2. Holes in bottom board - not done; 3. Water Line not secured and sealed - not done; 4. Piers at marriage line not lined up - not done; 5. Cross member braces not pinned - some were tightened; 6. Primary support columns missing - need inspector to check; 7. No perimeter support stands installed on the perimeter surround wall - not done; 8. Perimeter surround wall panels cut to short - replaced but replaced with cracked wall panels that have shattered. Additional Comments - cracks in walls and ceilings - not done)    11/3/

Received letter from CU Factory that there was not sufficient insurance coverage.  CU Factory forced us to have coverage of loan amount on the home prior to delivery.  We were forced to pay a year in advance before the property was moved off of the lot. Faxed copy of insurance coverage verifying coverage.    11/6/

The Oak Creek Manager sent out contractor to "fix" the foundation but the contractor stated that they did not have the outside support frames and could not get them.  This was one of the major things lacking in the report.  This is what gives the foundation the outside support to keep it from cracking.  Contractor tightened up a few bolts under the house and replaced some of the outside concrete skirting and recut the vents.  He left knowing that several that he replaced had cracks in them and that they would probably crack so he left extras.  He failed to clean up any of the concrete he wrecked out.  After he left, one piece shattered leaving the underneath of the home exposed to freezing and varmints.  Another is cracked from top to bottom. He never returned to put the perimeter support pieces required in the findings from the State.    11/17/

No one showed from the factory (manufacturer) to fix the beam, bring the missing globes, or fix the cracks.    12/3/

I spoke to the State Enforcement officer who said she had a report that everything had been completed. I informed her that no one from factory had been there to fix the beam and the perimeter supports had not been delivered and the blocks replaced were cracked. I asked her to forward me a copy of the report she had from Oak Creek. She forwarded me the email from Oakcreek's State compliance Officer.    12/3/

Received call from the compliance officer with Oak Creek.  She said she had records stating that everything had been completed.  I explained that the contractor came and put up the skirting but left cracks in it and now it has a big whole and that I was not sure what had been completed underneath. She said the Oakcreek setup man had sent report that crossbrace had been fixed.  I said to my knowledge no one else had been out to fix anything and there were no perimeter support beams which was the main part of the foundation.  She recommended CMU's and stated that the foundation HAD to be fixed before anything else could be done such as fixing the cracks.   CMUs come standard and we paid $7000 for a foundation not CMUs.    12/5/
Received call from the Oakcreek setup man.  Our son-in-law spoke to him and he admitted that he falsified document that he had fixed the beam because he wasn't going to make a trip to fix only that when he still had to come back to fix the cracks.  He wants our son-in-law to call the compliance officer with Oak Creek and tell her it's been fixed when it hasn't.  Our son-in-law told him she was already calling the State to ask for another inspection to verify what had been done.     12/5/

The Oakcreek setup man called and said he would be there next week to fix the floor joist    12/11/
The Oakcreek setup man never showed - joist still isn't fixed    
Called State for update on complaint.  They said they had given Oak Creek until 1/6/09 to fix the foundation.  No written notification was sent to us extending this time.    12/29/

Installed TV cable under the home.  Found the vent blocked to the fireplace. Crossover still not fixed. Hot water plumbed to toilet in Jack-N-Jill Bathroom.    12/31/

Hole in concrete skirting remains. Joist not fixed. No globes sent, cracks in walls and no perimeter supports.    1/7/

Call from the contractor with Oak Creek that they had a few braces that they were coming to install. I told him I would call him back after talked to attorney    1/8/

The contractor from Oak Creek called back and our son-in-law informed him that it was our understanding that the 30 days had already passed and we had not been notified of any additional extension therefore they should not come onto the property at this time.  The contractor said then you are "denying me access?" Our son-in-law said no we are not denying access but have not been notified of an extension and your time has passed.    1/8/

The lady from the state called and said Oak Creek had the concrete blocks to block up the perimeter of the house and that we should allow them to do this. I informed The lady that we didn't want this partially done and that blocks were not what we paid for and that their allowed time to fix it had passed. The lady said he would be out next week for a re-inspection.  I re-iterated the things they said were done still are not done either.    1/8/

Another call from The lady with the State saying there was no need for him to come and inspect since he knows the foundation is still not complete since they cannot get the braces since Foundation Works is out of business. He said that we should allow them to block the perimeter with the concrete blocks. I told him that is not what we paid for and he stated that was a legal issue. I said I would discuss it with my attorney and get back to him.     1/13/
Received new warranty order from the State    letter dated 1/26/

Finally moved 6 months after delivery in and took shower for the first time; shower head not tightened and leaks..see photo for wall damage    2/1/
Received letter from state saying we should allow them access to the property and this time included a copy of the letter extending original time to complete warranty items to 1/6/09. Oak Creek didn't even contact us before the next extension expired.     2/2/
The State enforcement agency letters stated that only in rare cases do they allow just one fact they kept giving Oakcreek extensions.
Each time Oakcreek showed up they would break something else. Apparently they were trying to dissuade us from calling them.
I finally denied Oakcreek access to the property because of this.
The State enforcement agency had an excuse not to drop the case...figures.

Dents found in walls from doorknobs. Noticed there were no door stops installed. A box of doorstops were found in a closet never installed. I installed them myself.    10/30/

Windows & front door leaked when it rained. Discovered either no or improper caulking all around the house. What caulking was done was with silicon seal which shrunk trapping water instead of stopping it. Most windows weren't even caulked.    4/15/

House continues to crack the sheetrock at the double-wide joining point due to improper leveling. Bedroom door latch hole had to be routed out since they wouldn't even latch. Hump in bedroom floor indicates leveling problems. See photos    10/10/

Caulking inside at the ceiling level splitting & turning yellow. This apparently started some time ago. See photos    10/10/

Still repairing outlets. Apparently holes were just knocked in the sheetrock with something instead of cutting them. The sheetrock is hanging inside the hole by the paper keeping the outlet ears from catching. Also the holes are too big to catch the outside ear of the outlet. The outlets pull out of the wall or push into the wall because of this. See Photos    1/10/
Bathroom outlets not protected by GFCI even though the breaker is marked bathroom GFCI. See photos    1/10/

Still caulking holes. Master bath has hump in floor due to improper leveling leaving gaps below the cabinet allowing outside air to blow in. Gaps so big as to require foam sealant..caulking wouldn't cover all of it.    1/10/

Master bathtub ripping away from cabinet ..same leveling problem. More caulking to stop the roaring North wind.    2/1/
More leveling problems. Shower tile gap at floor level growing.    2/2/

Photos taken of hump in floor since day 1 to be checked out by a foundation company I had to hire myself tomorrow. A 4 foot level on the hump gives a gap of 11/16 inch at one end of the level with the other end flush with the floor.    3/9/

The foundation crew I hired showed up & had to completely re-level the home. They also checked why the hump was in the floor. They found an outside brace that was welded to the outside ibeam was tilted up. The 2x8 joist was resting on the end of the brace but there was a gap at the I-beam of finger width. Apparently a factory default that was pushing the floor up under the hump. The State had previously given an order to Oak Creek to fix this but like other things it was never done. I paid a bill for thousands of dollars to the foundation company for this service. Now the doors in the house actually close & latch.    3/10/

The air conditioner quit again..same as last summer. It was due to improper installation causing the freon to leak out. This time after many calls to an answering machine at the Nordyne repair I never received a call back. The Nordyne web site repairman locator was still dead. Had to call a local fire.. $300 & low freon again.    June
This cost me several hundred more dollars. I had previously looked under the house and discovered the sloppy install.
They had used bungee cords to attach the lines to the sewer pipe. The sewer had to be repaired previously from the Oakcreek installers stepping on the lines breaking the glue seal.

Air conditioner dead again..only lasted two months this time. $300 again.    
Had to order a new air conditioner & heater for complete & proper installation.. $9500.    August

I continue to be in constant repair mode myself to try to make this place livable...slowly making progress no thanks whatsoever to the manufactured home industry.

I wish you luck if you still decide to get a manufactured home...maybe your luck will be better.

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